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This co-creation workshop is designed to imagine, discover and co-create actions to strengthen the mobile internet ecosytem in Lebanon. By its end, we will have articulated a shared vision of this ecosystem – from linkages among community stakeholders to potential models – as well as a concrete actions for making this ecosystem a reality.

The sessions will bring together international thought leaders to share their experiences and foster the generation of knowledge on collaborative approaches in ICT-enabled urban technology and mobile internet innovations.

Our activities will be driven by its participants, guided by world-class facilitators and speakers, and informed by the experiences of leading institutions on the frontiers of creative, design-driven, collaborative and effective innovation ecosystems.

In this website you’ll find all the information about this workshop.

What is a Mobile Internet Ecosystem?

Mobile internet ecosystems are policies, activities and spaces that leverage mobile technologies, foster citizens’ entrepreneurship and improve job growth and competitiveness.

Successful ecosystems engage a diversity of cross-disciplinary actors, including private sector, governments and municipalities, academia, researchers, media, entrepreneurs and citizens.

They also often involve physical spaces, such as coworking spaces or urban digital districts, that serve to convene, catalyze and support the startup ecosystem.